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Garry's Mod -- Prop Hunt
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Search for your friends who are disguised as furniture while they're making weird noises to misguide you!

Garry's Mod -- Sandbox
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Make wacky contraptions using WireMod and other tools, or build cool vehicles and aircraft, or stage NPC wars!

Garry's Mod -- Trouble in Terrorist Town
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Find the traitor in your group before they take out the entire team!

Xonotic -- Deathmatch
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It's everyone for themselves! Take out your enemies, and emerge from the fight victorious!

Xonotic -- Onslaught
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Capture the control points and destroy the enemy's base! Fun in large groups.

Xonotic -- Team Death Match
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Take down as many of the enemy team as you can, and establish your team's supremacy! Fun in large groups.

Team Fortress 2 -- Capture the Flag
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Infiltrate the enemy base, and steal the briefcase! Make it back to your base, and you win! Fun in large groups.

Team Fortress 2 -- Payload
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Push the cart to the target, or prevent it from reaching its goal to win! Fun in large groups.

Meet the staff!

DJ Arghlex
Owner, Engineer

Constructed and operates GaleForce. Has an extensive background in operations, but not as much focus in development. Enjoys playing team games, and sometimes enjoys a sandbox game or two.

Administrator, Hosting

Currently hosting GaleForce's services. Has a background in development and operations. Enjoys playing fast-paced first-person shooters.

Administrator, Moderation

Strong moderation and clear decision-making skills make Lucy our moderation head. Enjoys playing fast-paced shooters.


Has strong operations skills and fast-acting service recovery. Enjoys playing sandboxes and story-focused games.


Has a strong background in networking and reverse-engineering. Enjoys playing racing games.


Previously provided hardware for GaleForce, and is a great operations technician. Enjoys playing immersive games.


IRC Community

Great place to chat! Lots of discussion about technology, games, and other things!


These rules are not to be treated as the be-all-end-all rules for the whole entire service, as each game has its own code of conduct that will be shown when you join.

  1. Don't hack, cheat, or abuse known issues in the game.
  2. Respect your fellow players.
  3. Listen to the staff.